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What Color Eye Shadow for Green Eyes

Play Up Green Eyes with Flattering Eyeshadow Shades

Green eyes are stunning, but choosing eyeshadow to make them pop can be tricky. The wrong tones can actually dull rather than accentuate the vibrant green. What color eye shadow for green eyes?Read on to discover the most complementary eyeshadow colors to really intensify beautiful green eyes.

What Color Eye Shadow for Green Eyes

Understand Your Undertones

What color eye shadow for green eyes?Ice cool greens, rich emerald greens and earthy hazel greens all impact the eyeshadow colors that harmonize best.

Cool-toned green eyes look best with:

  •  Plums
  •  Pinks
  •  Mauves
  •  Lavenders
  •  Silvers

Warm-toned green eyes look best with:

  •  Coppers

Determine whether your green eyes lean cool or warm, then choose shades accordingly. Neutrals like browns work universally.

Intensify with Opposite Colors

The color wheel holds major clues for picking the most “opposite” shades to intensify green eyes.

Green’s complementary opposite colors are:

  •  Reds

These rich, warm shades contrast strikingly with green for serious color pop.

Burgundies, brick reds, magentas, violets, peach and copper shadows all illuminate green superbly.

For day, go sheerer with pale honeysuckle pink or soft peach. At night, opt for bold ruby red or metallic violet shadow.

Flatter with Analogous Colors

What color eye shadow for green eyes?Analogous colors adjacent to green on the color wheel also accentuate green eyes beautifully:

  •  Blues

By choosing analogous cool tones, you intensify the blue undertones of green for extra vibrancy.

From navy blue and teal green to shimmery seafoam and emerald, layering similar cool colors makes green pop.

Use Neutrals Strategically

Don’t overlook neutral browns and taupes to make green eyes stand out. Use these techniques:

  •  Taupe in crease – Apply a rich taupe shade like MAC Saddle through the crease. Taupe’s subtle warmth contrasts green.
  •  Dark brown liner – Line upper lashlines with dark coffee brown liner. Pair with black mascara for definition.
  •  Champagne shimmer – Pat a highlighter like Becca Champagne Pop on the inner corners and brow bones.
  •  Contour with brown shadows – Shape and contour the sockets using coordinated brown and bronze shades.

Applied strategically, neutrals become the perfect versatile complements to green.

What Color Eye Shadow for Green Eyes

Consider Depth and Contrast

The depth and contrast of shadows also affects how flattering they are with green eyes.

  •  Darker shades like eggplant, chocolate and navy make green pop more than light pastels.
  •  Matte shadows in intense saturated hues contrast more vibrantly than shimmers.
  •  Metallic rose golds and bronzes luminize green eyes beautifully for nights out.
  •  Sheer washes of color tend to look washed out. Opt for clearly pigmented, opaque applications.

Eggplant purple eyeshadow on woman with green eyes

To summarize, the eyeshadow colors that make green eyes mesmerizingly radiant include:

  •  Purples

Use these shades in your next eye looks to truly amplify gorgeous green eyes!


When choosing eye shadow for green eyes, it’s important to consider complementary shades that enhance the natural eye color. Warm tones such as bronze, copper, and peach can accentuate green eyes, while purples and plums can create a striking contrast. Neutral shades like taupe and champagne also work well to bring out the green tones. Ultimately, the key is to experiment with different colors and find the shades that best complement the unique hues of green eyes. By selecting the right eye shadow colors, individuals can accentuate their natural eye color and create stunning, eye-catching looks.


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