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How to Apply Eye Shadow for Beginners

Getting Started with Eye Shadow – A Beginner’s Guide

Eyeshadow can be intimidating for makeup newbies. But mastering basic application techniques lets you create pretty, polished eye makeup looks easily. How to apply eye shadow for beginners?Follow this step-by-step beginner’s guide to learn how to apply eyeshadow flawlessly.

Choose Your Eye Shadow Colors

How to apply eye shadow for beginners?The first step is selecting complementary eyeshadow shades for your eye color. Warm bronzes and browns flatter brown eyes while purples make hazel and green eyes pop. Cool-toned shadows like silvers and grays accent blue eyes beautifully.

Pick one main lid color, a secondary crease color and a highlight shade. This eye shadow combo creates dimension. Mattes define while shimmers add luminosity. Build your starter palette with a mix of finishes.

How to Apply Eye Shadow for Beginners

Prepare Eyes for Shadow

Prepping lids is essential for smooth, crease-free eyeshadow application. Start with moisturized skin and primer on lids for grip. Apply a light base eyeshadow all over lids and up to brows. This helps blending later.

Use an eyelash curler to open up eyes. Then brush brows up and out with gel for a lifted look. Finally, line upper inner rims with white pencil to widen eyes. Now lids are ready for eyeshadow.

Apply the Lid Color

How to apply eye shadow for beginners?With lids prepped, sweep on your main lid shade first. Use a dense eyeshadow brush and pat color over the center of lids. Apply more pressure on the brush for intense color payoff.

Then softly blend the shadow outwards to the outer corners and inner corners. Blend up into the crease just slightly as well. Don’t take the shadow up too high yet. Building gradually prevents muddiness.

Add Definition with Crease Color

Next define lids with a deeper crease shade using a tapered blending brush. Start applying color into the outer crease in a V shape. Sweep inwards towards the center of lids in the hollows.

Blend the edges softly back and forth to diffuse any harsh lines. The crease color adds shape and depth to lids for a sculpted effect. Take it slightly above natural crease with eyes open.

Complete the Look with Highlighter

Finish the eyeshadow look by brightening strategically with highlighter. Use a large brush and shimmery champagne shadow. Sweep it right under brows to accentuate the arches. Blend down slightly over crease color.

Pat highlighter at inner corners and center of lids too. This opens up and illuminates the eyes beautifully. For extra wide-eyed brightness, add highlighter liner on lower waterlines.

Bend and Blend for a Diffused Look

The key to beautifully blended eyeshadow is layering and softening between each shade. Bend brush bristles into creases to diffuse edges. Blend back and forth until there are no harsh lines or obvious demarcations between shades.

Build the layers up gradually instead of applying intensely all at once. Go back over areas like crease and edges to further soften and blend after the main shades are applied.

Frame Eyes with Eyeliner

Define eyes further by expertly applying eyeliner. Use soft brown or black pencil along upper inner rims for definition. Smudge it slightly with a brush tip for a smokier effect.

Gently pull up outer corners and trace liner along upper lashes for a subtle cat eye. Finish with two coats of black or brown mascara, wiggling wand side to side to coat every lash.

How to Apply Eye Shadow for Beginners

Remove Eyeshadow Mistakes Easily

If you make mistakes, don’t panic! Simply take a cotton swab and carefully wipe away any excess or uneven shadow. Then re-blend the edges for a seamless look. Go slowly and build up intensity as you get more comfortable.

Practice and Have Fun!

It takes practice to master eyeshadow application but the payoff is gorgeous eye looks. Follow this process each time, prepping lids properly and blending well between shades. Play with eyeshadow angles and intensity until you love the finished effect.

Soon you’ll be able to create soft daytime eyes and dramatic smoky eyes like a pro! Just stick to the basics at first and have fun learning. Beautifully applied eyeshadow can make your eyes mesmerizing focal points.

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