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What Color Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes

The Best Eyeshadow Colors for Making Hazel Eyes Pop

Hazel eyes are stunning, containing an intricate blend of brown, green, gold and sometimes gray. The multi-faceted hues allow you to pull off many different eyeshadow looks. But certain shades will make hazel eyes shine their brightest.What color eye shadow for hazel eyes? Read on to learn how to play up beautiful hazel eyes using strategically chosen eyeshadow colors.

Analyze Your Unique Eye Color

What color eye shadow for hazel eyes?The first step is examining your specific eye color up close. Hazel eyes vary wildly between warm golden browns and cooler forest greens. Look closely in the mirror to distinguish the primary and secondary colors present.

Check the inner and outer iris, noting the color differences. Photograph your eyes in various lighting for the clearest view. Knowing the precise pigments and patterns in your irises helps determine the most flattering eyeshadow hues.

what color eye shadow for hazel eyes

Go for Rich, Warm Neutrals

What color eye shadow for hazel eyes?Warm brown and beige shadows with golden shimmer instantly intensify hazel eyes. The richer the tone, the better. Deep chocolate browns make the brown flecks pop brightly. Balmy nude bronzes play up tawny gold flecks for luminosity.

Metallic earth tones in mocha, bronze and copper gleam against golden hazel tones. Sweep these plush neutrals across lids and blend up towards brows for defined yet soft enhancement. Dust bronze, tan or champagne lightly on inner eye corners to open up eyes.

Amplify with Purple and Plum Shadows

Regal purple and desert plums accentuate the golden dimension of hazel eyes beautifully. Light lavender or lilac washes give a pretty pop of color. Pair these with chocolate browns in the crease for added definition.

For evening drama, blend intense violet or aubergine shadows from lashlines to creases. Top lids with shimmering platinum to spotlight hazel flecks. Deep wine and eggplant shadows also bring out amber and olive flecks in hazel irises gorgeously.

Make Green Hazel Eyes Sparkle with Emerald Shadows

For hazel eyes with more green versus brown, emerald and forest green shadows are striking. The rich greenness enhances similar flecks in the irises. Layer green liner over the shadow to intensify the effect.

Apply metallic olive green lids with bronze in the crease for added warmth. Or sweep bright mossy green shadow across the center of lids, blending out to deeper hunter green edges. This makes green hazel eyes glow beautifully.

what color eye shadow for hazel eyes

Flatter and Define with Strategic Liner

Liner shapes and lifts hazel eyes while accentuating the color. Keep things soft with brown pencil along the upper rim. Or make hazel pop with black liquid liner flicked in barely-there cat eyes. For green hazel eyes, purple or forest liner is sublime.

Run peacock green or teal liner along lower inner rims to emphasize green centers. Use white or nude liner on waterlines to open up eyes. Keep liner minimal and tight to the lashes so the hazel hue takes center stage.

Open Up Eyes with Champagne Highlights

Bright highlights in key areas make hazel eyes appear bigger and sparklier. Sweep champagne or nude shimmer into the inner eye corners. Apply highlighter brow bone and lid for a wide-eyed glow.

Use a light metallic shadow like silver as an inner corner topper over other shades. Matte cream highlights underneath brows finish opening up hazel eyes beautifully.

Balance Eye Drama with Natural Brows and Lashes

With colorful shadow and liner, balance out the look with understated brows and lashes. Keep brows natural and lightly filled for definition without competeing with the eyeshadow. Brush brows up and out to open eyes.

Curl lashes gently before applying two light coats of brown mascara. This keeps the emphasis on the dazzling hazel hues. Or try clear mascara just for shaping and hold. Finish by accenting cheeks with a warm peach or rosy bronze blush.

what color eye shadow for hazel eyes

Work with Your Eye Shape for Maximum Impact

Consider your eye shape too when choosing shades. Add definition with crease colors that complement the hazel tones. Deepen outer Vs on almond eyes or add lift with highlighters on rounder shapes.

Hooded eyes look bigger swept with metallic shadows concentrating color on the center lids. Turn up eyeshadow at the outer corners of downturned eyes for a lovely lift. Frame wide set eyes with darker liners to pull them inward.

Play with Color Combinations

Don’t be afraid to get creative mixing colors to accentuate your unique hazel eyed beauty. Contrast rich amethyst against olive green shadows for dimensionality. Blend russet oranges and golden taupes for a sunset glow.

Pair warm pink with espresso liner and purple lower lashline for sweet yet sultry dazzle. Or layer pink champagne, cocoa and teal shadows for an eye-catching multi-tonal pop. Have fun playing with different color combos to enhance your one-of-a-kind hazel eyes.

Embrace Makeup Trends Cautiously

Follow makeup trends selectively choosing versions that flatter hazel eyes specifically. For example, adapt smoky eyes with brown and purple versus black shadow. Or make neon liners wearable using olive green or teal shades.

With colorful looks like rainbow eyeshadow, focus the most intense shades to the outer corners. Keep the centers and inner corners more neutral to avoid overwhelming hazel irises. Adapt trends to harmonize with your natural beauty for head-turning hazel eye makeup.

what color eye shadow for hazel eyes

Enhance Hazel with Your Eye Makeup Routine

Make hazel eyes glow every day by incorporating flattering colors into your regular beauty routine. Apply a bronze and purple smoky eye for evening drama. Wake up hazel eyes with lavender liner and beige shadow by day.

Hazel eyed goddesses, flaunt your beauty with these eyeshadow colors and techniques. Determine your specific hazel hue and patterns first. Then accentuate the nuances artfully with warm neutrals, jewel tones and strategic highlighting. With the right shades, hazel eyes absolutely mesmerize with their complex splendor and radiance.


when it comes to choosing the best eyeshadow for hazel eyes, there are several great options to consider. The versatility of hazel eyes allows for a wide range of colors to complement and enhance their unique hue. Opt for warm-toned eyeshadows such as gold, copper, and warm browns to bring out the green and gold flecks in hazel eyes. Additionally, purples and plums can intensify the green and amber tones, while earthy neutrals like taupe and olive can create a natural and flattering look. By experimenting with these shades, individuals with hazel eyes can find the perfect eyeshadow colors to highlight their eye color and create stunning, eye-catching makeup looks.


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